School Age Children

Infant - Toddler

We are dedicated to making children feel like they are somewhere they want to be, rather than somewhere they have to go.

Children’s Academy Preschool accomplishes this by employing professional staff and teachers, maintaining a first rate facility, as well as promoting a learning environment for children of all ages.

Children’s Academy Preschool’s mission is to create an environment where each child will receive the following:

  • A safe, healthy learning environment
  • A social environment to teach self-esteem, Social skills and self-discipline
  • An educational environment to prepare the children for future learning

At Children’s Academy Preschool you can feel peace of mind when leaving your children in our care. We want you to know and trust each of the staff & are assured that your child will be cared for in a loving & nurturing way.

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If you have any questions about our methods and philosophy, please feel free to check our frequently asked questions page for answers.

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